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Monday 19th of April 2010 04:53:18 PM

Social Media Adoption Decision Flowchart

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Friday 08th of January 2010 01:59:12 AM

Your Community vs. Your Sponsor. Always choose to be true your Community

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Some words of wisdom from Anthony Bradley of Gartner:

Always choose to be “true to the community” over supporting the interests of a sponsor. Even though money comes from a sponsor. The power comes from the community. Without the community there is no power to attract sponsors. Think of it this way:

  • If you lose a sponsor but keep the community, you will get another sponsor.
  • If you keep the sponsor but then lose the community, you will lose all sponsors (including the one you tried to keep)

The same philosophy applies to all social media implementations. Being “true to the community” is paramount.

Wednesday 06th of January 2010 07:41:01 PM

Excellent advice on Piloting Social Media

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An excellent advice from Anthony Bradley of Gartner on Piloting Social Media:

“The most successful implementations I’ve seen don’t “pilot,” they execute on a planned increment. When you go to the community with a social media solution, go for real. So how do you mitigate risk? Mitigate risk with a carefully scoped purpose. Minimize the initial business purpose pursued but pursue that purpose with all the execution discipline it requires.”

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Wednesday 04th of November 2009 05:42:45 AM

Its not enough having the right enterprise 2.0 app



Sunday 01st of November 2009 07:26:54 PM

The Digitization of Business

Professor McAfee’s new Blog: The Digitization of Business (rss)


Knowledge Management vs. Social Media

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From Knowledge Management vs. Social Media

  • where KM seeks to provide structure/control, SM prefers chaos
  • where KM tends towards large top-down systems, SM tends to be grass-roots
  • where KM is often practiced by older professionals, SM has captured the imagination of a younger crowd
  • where KM seeks to define the goal and then select appropriate tools, SM provides the tools and hopes that a common goal will emerge, but at the least everyone will individually find value

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