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Monday 19th of April 2010 04:53:18 PM

Social Media Adoption Decision Flowchart

Google Diagrams Source

Monday 12th of April 2010 04:25:16 AM

tripartite structure of a tag (label)

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“[T]he inherent tripartite structure of a tag which potentially informs us

  1. about the resource being tagged,
  2. about the identity of the tagger and
  3. about the interests of the tagger,

all combine to define the ternary relationship between them. When this is multiplied by ‘x’ number of tags in a given system, it opens a veritable pandora’s box of application options.” -Simon Edhouse

Edhouse, S. (2009, August 21). Who is “Everybody”? Retrieved April 11, 2010, from You’re It!:

Sunday 10th of January 2010 04:17:55 AM

Dear @twitteruser,

“Hi There” was an interesting read.  I was brung up to use Sir and Ma’am in all my interactions with anyone older than me. I used to address people by their last name, prefixed by a Mr., Ms. Professor, Or Dr. etc. I did the same when communicating via email, and facebook, etc. However, since the arrival of twitter, yammer and the likes, things have changed. I now address people with their login name prefixed by an @ symbol (e.g. @weaselese (my twitter name)). This is not only the norm in the world of twitter and yammer, but also a requirement for the platform to function properly. It’s amazing to see how fast a technology can erode years of cultural training.

Wednesday 04th of November 2009 05:42:45 AM

Its not enough having the right enterprise 2.0 app



Sunday 01st of November 2009 07:26:54 PM

The Digitization of Business

Professor McAfee’s new Blog: The Digitization of Business (rss)


Thursday 17th of September 2009 06:47:41 PM

Unexpected social dynamics created by Lotus Connections

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Clay Shirky once made the following observation:

"Every time social software improves, it is followed by changes in the way groups work and socialize. One consistently surprising aspect of social software is that it is impossible to predict in advance all of the social dynamics it will create.”

If your organization currently uses Lotus Connections, and you have stumbled upon some new (unexpected) social dynamics with the use of the software, please share them here.

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